Do No Harm

Many of you have wondered why the acronym , MADIF , the Mid-Atlantic Deaf and Interperter Fund was selected? Being the founder and brainchild , I will assume the blame. Why? The fund has always been more about the Deaf community. Look closely and you will notice the the “D” is before the ” I” for too long , Deaf people have had to struggle to get the rights to communication in their preferred language. We want that to change and for the LGBTQIA community to bean example of full inclusion. We as a non-profit service organization try our best to put the Deaf community’s needs first. In truth , it is through them that someof our best interperters have become bilingual. There is no doubt , we owe them a great deal. MADIF’s mission statement reflects the need to pay it forward. We as hearing people cannot understand the specific needs of the Deaf community , yet they want to prove their self reliance. We speak about inclusion but how often do you reach across the aisle and tell someone you are glad to see them. How about the Deaf person? You tell yourself you don’t understand all that “hand waving” that isn’t an excuse. I challenge you to say a little “hi” “how are you?” and a big hug. That means so much.

By Kevin Lowery

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