Our Mission

Is to provide access to the Deaf LGBTQ /leather and Fetish Community        

The Mid-Atlantic Deaf & Interpreter Fund (MADIF) was created to not only pay LGBTQ interpreters who have, until now, volunteered their time at events but take a multi-layered approach.

Interpreters are lifelong learners, whether through educational programs or by spending hours learning from the Deaf community. MADIF provides real work opportunities for mentoring students.

In addition, MADIF has learning opportunities for hearing people, like those that want to learn American Sign Language (ASL). The Fund provides workshop training for producers of events so that they are familiar with interpreter requirements and Deaf Culture.

A long-range goal is to provide grants to Deaf charities that provide a variety of services to the Deaf LGBTQ community and scholarships to support interpreting students starting their education.