The fund submitted its 501c3, receiving this status in August of this year. At the same time we became recipients of a grant from Bears, Bikers and Mayhem (BBM), Quigley & Associates, Philly Leather Pride Night (PLPN) and others. Thank you for your generosity.

This is a new venture with its mission firmly in place. It is two fold. The MADIF Board decided to give back to the LGBTQ Deaf community. Deaf people have given of their time and knowledge to teach and encourage hearing interpreters for decades. With that in mind, the Board intends  to accomplish this goal and others by conferring grants and scholarships on organizations and individuals.

Also, they want to foster teamwork, critiques and support amongst interpreters through offering workshops and socials. This includes encouraging new LGBTQ students or interested heterosexuals to interpret in our community with a one-time scholarship. It is important that people who come from outside our community understand our humor, vocabulary and intended meaning—including slang and sexual signs. With this plan, MADIF will offer the most qualified interpreters at your events.

For the community, classes in American Sign Language (ASL) will be offered throughout the year, taught by Deaf people and Interpreters, and sponsored by the fund.

MADIF is looking for board members, especially those who are women and trans. Consider helping us with your skills in fund-raising, grant writing, marketing and web development. For further inquiries, please contact Kevin Lowery at

Remember to welcome Deaf people with a wave, a hug, do the I love you sign…or all three!

Hello! welcome!

“Deaf People can do anything hearing people can do, except hear.”

— I. King Jordan